Adding a station to itunes radio based on artist

Create smart playlists to differentiate between Apple Music and iTunes Match music


Have you ever wanted to listen to your favorite christian, LDS, or secular artists on itunes radio?  In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add a station to itunes radio based on artist.


    1. an itunes account


  1. itunes itselfScreen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-4.14.02-PM


    1. login to your iTunes account if you have one.


    1. click on the Screen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-4.14.31-PMto see what stations you can add or listen to.


    1. click on the Screen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-4.14.43-PMnext to the My Stations heading.  you should see Screen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-4.15.09-PM.


    1. enter the name the artist you want to add a station for.  You should see a list of songs and artists you can choose from.


  1. If you typed in the name of a christian metal artist and chose Screen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-4.20.45-PM Then Screen-Shot-2014-12-05-at-4.21.10-PM should appear under the my stations heading and start playing.


There you have it a simple way to add a station to itunes radio based on artist.  whether you’re into christian metal LDS JPOP whatever you can add stations based on any artist you want.

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Create smart playlists to differentiate between Apple Music and iTunes Match music

Tutorials update


My tutorial comes from Create Smart Playlists to find which of your songs are Apple Music, in the cloud, and more only my tutorial uses a more step-by-step approach.


If you go to my website Joshua’s Tech Tutorial Bootcamp and look at the top of the sidebar you’ll see Create feel free to click on that donate button and donate to the cause above it.  If you ever want to start and host a website on a reliable shared server you can upgrade later I’d recommend Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.14.38-PM.png the banner you can click on for a good deal through me which is found underneath Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-10.12.48-PM.png also on the sidebar.  Also be sure to like me on Facebook by clicking the like button inside this Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.14.49-PM.png, and follow me on twitter by clicking on Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.15.22-PM.png.   I’m an iTunes affiliate and if you see something like Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.15.42-PM.png feel free to click it to listen to a song from Becoming the Archetype.  In the Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-10.15.30-PM.png area you’ll find a playlist Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.15.59-PM.png where you can feel free and preview the songs I have in there right now, along with two banners: Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.16.17-PM.png and Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.16.31-PM.png, feel free to listen to these artists.  If you like my website feel free to sign my guestbook Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.16.53-PM.png.


Ever wonder where your music gets stored whether you’re subscribed to iTunes match or apple music?  If you’re subscribed to iTunes match, it will attempt to match all the songs you currently own with songs available on the iTunes Store, the rest are uploaded to your iCloud music library the original songs stay where they are.  The same goes for Apple Music except for the songs you own are matched with songs in the Apple Music library, the only caveat with having just Apple music once you download those songs which you add to your library a little thing called DRM(digital rights management) is added so you don’t willy-nilly run off and use the songs.  To differentiate between the two I’m going to show you how to create smart playlists for iTunes match and Apple music respectively.

Tutorial Requirements

    • Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.09.49-PM.png


    • an Apple music/iTunes match subscription


  • the ability to create smart playlists like Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.44-PM.png and Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.54-PM.png.


To make a smart playlist for Apple music:

    1. click on Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.30-PM.png and select new smart playlist.


    1. make the first condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.19.21-PM.png.


    1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.19.53-PM.png and make the other condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.19.36-PM.png.


  1. Click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.20.09-PM.png and you should get something like Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.09.49-PM.png

To make a smart playlist for iTunes match:

    1. click on Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.18.30-PM.pngand select new smart playlist.


    1. make the first condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.22.22-PM.png.


    1. hit the option key until you get … click that and make the nested condition Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.23.29-PM.png.


    1. Set the first nested condition to Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.23.42-PM.png.


    1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.24.01-PM.png and set the second nested condition to Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.24.34-PM.png.


    1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.24.52-PM.png again and set the last nested condition to Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.25.03-PM.png.


  1. click Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.25.19-PM.png and you should get something like Screen-Shot-2016-01-17-at-9.25.32-PM.png.


There you have it two smart playlists to differentiate between iTunes match and Apple music, and (going off on a tangent here) whether or not you’re subscribed to either iTunes match or Apple music or both I found out they actually work together even though they’re separate services.

Tutorials update

Create smart playlists to differentiate between Apple Music and iTunes Match music

Tutorials Update

Tutorials sometimes need to be updated.  The reason why I updated the Dvd Backup and sync to iPod/iPad tutorial is because some people don’t have the software I previously mentioned (myself included) while some people do.  It really depends on the machine you are on whether it is a mac or pc. In the future, I’ll update some more tutorials to keep up with the technology of the day. I might even show you how to create a podcast logo.

Any tutorial requests can be made on Facebook at my Facebook page mytutorialpodcast.  Either that or once I get tutorials posted on my youtube channel put any tutorial you want to see in the comment section of the tutorial you will be watching.

Create a smart playlist based on purchased music

How to use The LDS Scripture Linker with WordPress

If you want to create smart playlists to differentiate between Apple music and iTunes match, check out this tutorial

Podcast Intro

Ever wanted to play music you personally purchased in it’s own playlist with no other media?  In this tutorial I’ll show you just that.

Tutorial Requirements

    • iTunes


    • some purchased music



    1. Click on the plus sign PlusSign to bring up a context menu.


    1. Select new Smart Playlist.


    1. Set your first rule to PurchasedOption isTrue.


    1. Click the plus button plusSign1 to add another rule.


    1. repeat steps 3-4 formediaKindIsNotMovie, mediaKindIsNotBook, mediaKindIsNotTVShow, and mediaKindIsNotAudioBook.


    1. Accept defaults forCapture.


    1. Click OK.


    1. Rename your playlist to PurchasedSongs.



There you have it. You now have a smart playlist just for purchased music which will update with every song you purchase.

Record TV shows using TeraTech Home Media convert it to iPod and sync it using iTunes

House bloopers and behind the scenes-YouTube


Podcast Introduction


Have you ever wanted to keep a personal recording of your favorite tv shows just so you can throw yourself a marathon on your iPod? In this tutorial I will teach how to record your favorite tv shows using the eyetv hybrid with TeraTech home media, convert that recording to iPod using format factory then sync that recording to your iPod using iTunes.


Hardware requirements


    1. Eyetv hybrid 2010.


    1. set top box or any video source


    1. iPod


    1. Any up to date windows machine you have.


Software Requirements


    1. TeraTech Home Media.


    1. Format Factory.


    1. iTunes.


This tutorial teaches you how to record tv shows for personal use.




    1. Connect the Eyetv hybrid to the windows machine that you own.


    1. Connect the Eyetv hybrid to any video source be it satelite cable or antenna.


    1. To setup a recording in the main window of TeraTech Home Cinema click on the recordings link and select new.


    1. Set the time for the start of the show, then set the time for the end of the show.


    1. Click done and the recording will be added to the recording schedule.


    1. Wait until your recording is done, depending if your computer cooperates with you and the length of the show.


    1. When your recording is done open up Format Factory.


    1. In Format Factory go to the video tab and select all to mobile device.


    1. Select the device appropriate for your recording then click ok.


    1. In the next dialogue click add file then navigate and navigate to where TeraTech Home Cinema stuck your recording.


    1. Click OK.


    1. Back in the main window select the file you added earlier and click start to start the conversion process.


    1. Once it’s done converting which will take awhile open up iTunes then add the tv show you recorded and converted earlier.


    1. Attach your ipod to your computer and wait for iTunes to do it’s thing.


    1. Test out your recording to see if it worked.


There you have it your own recording(for personal use of course), converting and syncing system. You can use this to record the TV shows you’re into.

How to convert video to ipod using Format Factory and sync the converted video to the iPod using itunes

Six flags vlogs



Ever wanted to watch a video wether it be a tv recording or this podcast on your iPod but didn’t know how to convert it to a format that’s compatible with the iPod? Have no fear Format Factory is here and in this tutorial I will teach you how to convert that video to an iPod compatible format using Format Factory then syncing said converted video to the iPod using iTunes.




    1. iPod


  • either a mac running bootcamp or a virtual machine or a windows machine




    1. Format Factory


  • itunes



Tutorial Content


    1. First you’ll need to obtain a video to convert to ipod that is either on your mac running windows or your pc running windows.


  • Then open up Format Factory and open the video you want to convert.



  • Once you do that select the video then select the format that best suits your iPod.



  • As mentioned in the DVD Backup Tutorial click convert and go get something to drink.



  • Once the video is done converting open up iTunes.



  • Do one of the following:
      • go to the file menu select Add File To Library and navigate to the folder where the file is stored


  • simply drag the file into iTunes and if you have Keep Media folder organized and Copy files to media folder when adding to library checked iTunes will automatically copy the video into the media folder and organize it into the appropriate folder.



  • Once you have the converted video in iTunes attach your iPod to either your windows machine or a mac running windows on bootcamp or virtualizing windows.





And there you have it. Your very own video to iPod conversion and sync system using Format Factory and iTunes in windows. This can work with any video you want to convert to iPod. Try it on any videos you plan on doing whether you’re a podcaster like me or a filmmaker this tutorial will work for anyone.