R.I.P. United States of America!!! You raised the cost of living so high that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children (single parents stand no chance). You took God out of schools. Parents were told ‘No you can’t discipline your kids’. Well, America, our kids are disrespectful. You shall reap what you sow, and we have lost a whole generation and turned them into rude, selfish, brats who have no respect for people, property or authority! You deemed people with terminal illnesses and some with only a few months to liveā€¦fit for work!!! You allow our veterans of war to go homeless and hungry but give out millions to foreign aid!!! You save drug addicts over and over again but refuse to give free diabetic supplies. You bend over backwards to be politically correct, too scared to say enough is enough, in case you offend. You put the retirement age up so people must work until they drop!! People depend on handouts and food banks, while we give aid to others who can work for it. Our retired generation rely on inadequate state pensions, their thanks for working hard. Things need to change! Copy & paste if you have the guts too !!!! I saw this, and feel that it is an adequate description of the state of the world now. I may be wrong, and criticized for this, but look around you, and ask yourself is this fiction . . . . or FACT???

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